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Sleeping Culligan Man Making Money

BAM recognizes that many Culligan Men and Women are constantly looking for new, unique and proven ways to increase sales numbers at their dealerships. While BAM develops innovative programs that move the sales needle coast to coast, here’s one that dealers can do in their sleep – without a salesperson! Check out the chart to see real results and real revenue from selling online.Bottled Water Revenue Chart In this post, we wanted to provide you with a glimpse of a custom web solution that is generating a lot of success (even sales) for our Culligan dealers. As our Culligan friend Brian Kennedy likes to say, dealers “love to make money while they’re sleeping!” Here are just a few of the ways that BAM helps our dealer network do just that.

Bottled Water Plans and Bottle-Free® Plans

For all of the dealers in the BAM Network who are in the bottled water business, and utilize our custom-built websites, we offer the Order Bottled Water Online solution. Portrayed to the customer as committing via an e‑commerce “transaction,” the customized solution merely walks the new Culligan customer through an online submission form which captures all of their contact information. From there the customer is immediately notified of their order summary, including desired delivery date, and the “lead” is automatically streamed into the BAMLeadTracker. Simplicity with Power®

Various Bottled Water Purchase Plans

High-Value Equipment Combos

Some dealers have even taken the idea of making money while they sleep to the next level – by offering unique equipment plans offering the new customer a deal that combines a water softener and an RO.

Various Combinations of Water for Sale

Get started today with a website that generates both LEADS and REVENUE from BAM Advertising. Every site comes with a custom CMS that makes updates as easy as updating a Word document.

From custom web design and development to paid search campaigns and SEO, BAM Advertising is prepared to work with you to produce a winning web strategy. That’s how the Culligan Man is able to sell water online, without the help of a salesperson, while he sleeps. Fill out the form on this page to get more information on a custom web marketing strategy to fit your company’s needs.