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BAM recently launched an integrated campaign for its client IronSyte Monitoring to coincide with their showing at the 2012 MINExpo International. IronSyte is the premier provider of real-time monitoring systems for earthmoving equipment. IronSyte monitors allow a user to track their entire fleet from their computer or smartphone. The implementation of an IronSyte monitor can save thousands of dollars in production costs. By collecting real-time data foreman are able to best utilize their earthmoving equipment by eliminating inefficiencies as well as saving on costly maintenance.

IronSyte needed a memorable and creative presentation for their showing at the 2012 MINExpo International. MINExpo is the largest mining trade show in the world and an unprecedented opportunity for IronSyte to expand its business. To capitalize on the quadrennial event, IronSyte turned its sights to BAM. BAM partnered with IronSyte to develop a targeted and creative strategy to maximize the brand’s awareness and to recruit potential customers.

BAM’s first step was to address IronSyte’s website, and give it a complete overhaul. Increasing search engine visibility, incorporating the new look and feel, and helping new visitors understand how valuable an IronSyte monitor could be to their business were on the top of BAM’s to-do list.

Behind the scenes on-page and off-page search engine optimization tactics were employed to boost the website’s keyword rankings for earth moving monitoring equipment. With the addition of keyword rich content, came fun and informative functionality like a front-page slider and roll over diagrams.

In addition to the website, IronSyte needed an eye-catching display for their booth at MINExpo to create a buzz about their revolutionary product. BAM designed a 10 ft. by 10 ft. display and accompanying podium that would drive potential customers to the booth. To supplement the display a brochure was designed to highlight the advantages of an IronSyte Monitor, and to serve as a takeaway for expo attendees.

BAM’s creative and professional campaign resulted in a strong showing at the 2012 MINExpo for IronSyte Monitors. To learn more about IronSyte or to check out the new website visit

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Excluding computer illiterate business owners, a continuing increase of emphasis has been placed on the letters SEO. The average business owner may not understand the power of Search Engine Optimization in its entirety, but similar to any business investment; they are willing to invest in it if it brings a return on that investment.

Search Engine Optimization (if done by the right people) is the best return on investment as far as Internet marketing goes.  SEO is the process of improving your website’s visibility by getting it to rank higher in search engine results for certain keyword phrases.  Higher ranking in search engine results guarantees more traffic and likely more sales for your business.  So like any business investment, spending money to make money is the name of the game.

SEO done by the right people can be the difference between seeing results and simply throwing money down the drain.  Like any industry, there are shysters, phonies, and scam artists that need to be avoided.  The right people will be very transparent in their explanation of all the necessary steps involved in getting your website to rank higher.  At the same time, the right people will be realistic when it comes to telling your business the keywords they have the opportunity to rank for.

A Paid Search Campaign should be implemented by your web marketing company to fill in the gaps for search keywords that you don’t have the opportunity to rank for organically.  What do I mean by keywords you don’t have the opportunity to rank for?  Depending on your business, you may have unrealistic goals of showing up #1 for popular search terms.

Okay, so let’s say your local business sells vacuum cleaners.  You feel as though your site deserves the right to show up when you google “Vacuum Cleaner.”  Unless you are William Hoover, you are not going to see your company on the first page of Google and most likely not the next 20 pages of results either.  Why is life so unfair you ask?  It’s not.  At least when it comes to Google’s organic search results.  First page rankings are reserved for national brand and ecommerce websites and information sites like Wikipedia.  Your local business website is more suited to show up when a geo-modified term is inserted.

A geo-modified term alters a given search by including a location keyword like a city or state.  For instance, the search results you get when searching for “vacuum cleaner los angeles” and “vacuum cleaner ohio” will be dramatically different.  If you live in Ohio, or even Cleveland to be more specific, your goal should be to show up organically on the first page for terms like “vacuum cleaner ohio” and “vacuum cleaner cleveland.”

The right SEO service should have your website showing up on the first page for these terms in no time. As far as keywords that you don’t show up for organically, paid search should supplement your inability to rank.  It makes sense for most businesses to utilize paid search to cover the unbranded keywords and even competitor terms to drive more traffic and leads through their site.

So does your business need SEO or Paid Search?  The quick answer is both.  For a more in depth analysis and consultation for your business, please feel free to contact us.