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Pittsburgh internet marketing strategyPittsburgh winters are known for their frigidness and routine snowfall.  For a business owner, the winters can be even colder without a steady stream of leads and business opportunities coming their way.  Realizing that the phones had gone cold and silent, one company searched for an internet marketing agency and entrusted them to generate business inquiries.

Lucky for them, that internet marketing agency was BAM, with many years of providing clients solid marketing strategy responsible for making the phones ring.  The company was 20/20 Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance LLC., a Pittsburgh landscaper and tree removal service.

Realizing their immediate business needs, BAM constructed a targeted paid search campaign that would garner the immediate attention of Pittsburghers looking for tree trimming and removal services.  A paid search (or pay per click) campaign offers the opportunity for BAM to bid on select “tree removal” keywords for 20/20, allowing their website to show up instantly in Google’s search results.  Refining the list of “tree removal” keywords would ensure that their budget was not being wasted on keywords that didn’t generate leads.

Landscaping PittsburghSo they were setup for short term success via a pay per click campaign, but their long term search engine visibility issue had not been solved.  To get 20/20 Landscapers to show up in the search results without paying for clicks, BAM would first need to optimize their existing website.  In order to optimize effectively, keyword research for the most popular landscaping terms were uncovered and enacted in making their website as keyword rich as possible.  Once on-page optimization had been finalized, the slower process of building the website’s off-page ranking factors could begin.  This included, but was not limited to claiming all of their business listings on all the major search engines and directories, which is crucial for any type of local search success.

20/20 Landscape Design is currently ranking for such terms as “commercial snow removal Pittsburgh“, “Pittsburgh tree removal services“, and “Pittsburgh landscaping.”  With their search engine visibility woes behind them, they can now utilize one of BAM’s many traditional media strategies.  Laying a solid digital foundation and building in layers of traditional media is BAM’s recipe for integrated marketing success.  What’s your business’ plan for success?