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Goin’ Mobile


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When The Who’s Pete Townshend wrote “Goin’ Mobile”, the concept of a Smartphone wasn’t even fathomable… not even to the psychedelic generation. But when you read (or better, listen to) his lyrics and think of your Smartphone of choice, the words ring true:

Out in the woods
or in the city
It’s all the same to me
When I’m driving free, the world’s my
When I’m mobile
Goin’ mobile
Keep me movin’…

So no matter where you go or how you get there, chances are the power of mobile technology is at your fingertips allowing you to find what you need and help keep your life moving. So as marketing people, it’s our job to help our clients harness and channel that technology to better serve their customers and clients.

Neil Catapano and Justin Fritz recently addressed hundreds of Culligan dealers in Kansas City, MO about the specific benefits of mobile as it applies to paid search campaigns, the desktop and mobile websites that we build as well as its cost effectiveness and consumer interaction. Andy Coleman, Justin and I presented those same concepts to TGI Friday’s and how mobile can enhance their brand. Needless to say, BAM Culligan dealers and TGI Friday’s are now outfitted with mobile technologies to strengthen and support their overall marketing and advertising efforts.

Bottom line, it’s all about reaching and marketing desired consumer profiles as they apply to our respective clients in an easy and cost effective way. You’re also providing consumers another avenue in which they may prefer to be reached. Better yet, mobile is just as measurable using the same standard analytics associated with search engine marketing.

There should be nothing scary or mysterious about mobile advertising or its benefits. If mobile technology is not currently part of integrated marketing plans, it’s time to be “Goin’ Mobile”.