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BAM is pleased to announce the deployment of our latest website, built from scratch and customized for the Culligan Men & Women of Monterey and Salinas, California.

Web Design & DevelopmentMike and Jennifer Hebert are multi-generational Culligan Dealers who entrusted BAM to develop a new look and feel for their Monterey location.  On top of the new design, BAM has deployed a paid search campaign and a SEO strategy that is proven to generate new drinking water and water treatment customers.

Monterey’s new website comes complete with the ability for new customers to Order Bottled Water and Bottle-Free® Water Coolers online, as well as countless other lead generating tactics that have been tied in throughout the site.  A contact form on every page is accompanied by a custom Web Only Offer for multiple reasons but primarily to increase conversion rates. It is also there to enhance the overall customer experience by making it as easy as possible to get in contact with their local Culligan Man.

For Culligan dealers more focused on the Commercial & Industrial water treatment side, BAM’s custom web solutions now has the ability to tie in custom C & I photo galleries as well as water treatment content relevant to your region.

Unlike most web vendors, BAM believes that website content is not one size fits all for Culligan dealers.  A website’s content should be tailored by region and specific services offered by the dealer.  From unique content like Salt Free Water Softener Solutions to Nitrates & Arsenic water treatment, Monterey’s new website mirrors the problem water symptoms and services unique to their dealership.

Hey Culligan ManFinally, Culligan of Monterey’s new website attempts to connect with older Culligan generation by incorporating a nostalgic Culligan Lady TV player on every page.  Monterey’s new website is further proof that if a Culligan dealer can think it, BAM can build it!

On The Web: or to get more information of BAM’s custom web solutions, please checkout our  Web Design & Development  page.