Social Media Services

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Sometimes social media feels like one buzz word after the next.  In an environment filled with noise, it is very hard to filter truth.   Simplified, social media is the fusion of technology and conversation.  The conversation isn’t always occurring on your corporate website.

Brands should not fear social media, as they should not fear others talking about their products or services.  Instead, embrace it.  Listen & learn from what is being said.  Turn your critics into evangelists.  Social media allows brands to cross the chasm that sometimes separates them from their customers.

How should you as a brand connect with your customers?

  • Foster Conversion
  • Advocacy Promotion
  • Support Facilitation
  • Create Innovation

The missing piece with social media is correct measurement. Beyond conversions, BAM will help you measure your campaigns.  Our measurement includes, but is not limited to:

  • Share of voice
  • Conversation  Reach
  • Active Advocates
  • Satisfaction Score
  • Topic Trends
  • Sentiment Ratio