Everybody Knows SEM


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If you’re like most Culligan Men and Women in the system you may have received a steady flow of calls, or know of other dealers who have, from folks that “know SEM”. One of our favorite lines here at BAM Advertising is “I know SEM! I know SEM!!” We say it in jest because seemingly countless people are calling dealers to make the point that they are THE SEM expert(s). But, what else can they offer? Indeed, our Director of Interactive Strategy, Justin Fritz, sure does know SEM (and teaches me everyday about the ever-changing world of SEO), but Justin’s world is just one part of an integrated approach that is the foundation of every media and marketing strategy BAM develops.

It isn’t about a singular focus; it’s about all media and communication working together in concert to create beautiful music. I’ve been known to strut the halls of BAM shouting, “It’s always been about a mixed media strategy… and it always will be.” A singular approach may not be the best bet for increasing your leads, setting qualified appointments, and ultimately achieving transactions in the home.

When we start strategically planning a market, our planners use SEM as the “backbone” of the plan. Following that crucial media layer we seed in a lead-generating, consistent foundation of local programs. We can’t stress enough the importance of efficiently utilizing your local co-op dollars on lead-generating activity and steering away from reference-based media.

BAM produces local programs such as our now “World Famous” New Homeowner Program, as well as varied Current Customer Marketing Programs (CCMP), on a monthly basis to make it easier for the dealers in our network to have these lead-generating programs at their fingertips and ready to be in market when it makes sense for them. For slow “household” times of the year we make available niche programs such as our very focused dental program that we rolled out earlier this year with assistance from our dealer network. Coming up you’ll see our agency present even more niche programs targeting industries that have already proven to be fertile ground for Culligan Men and Women across the country.

Next in the planning process we move on to the group/regional co-op level and overlay some form of electronic media such as radio or cable/TV, depending on the market. This electronic layer “adds fertilizer” to your local program foundation referenced above and helps turn cold calls into warm calls, while helping those lead-generating activities bring in more leads.

BAM has implemented these practices for all of the dealers in our network and we’ve seen some great results – especially in Hilton Head Island and Kingsland, GA where there was a year-over-year increase in sales of 300%!

It’s all about recognizing the importance of SEM, monitoring its efforts daily, communicating with our clients monthly, layering in lead-generating local programs and complimenting those programs with rich, electronic media. BAM!

Sure, we recognize the importance of and excel in SEM execution. But it’s our constant daily monitoring, regular dealer-agency communication, and complementary local program and electronic media strategy that generate measurable results. BAM!