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CDANA Kansas CityLast year BAM’s Interactive Director, Justin Fritz and VP, Neil Catapano took the stage in front of a packed house in Kansas City to showcase the many benefits of mobile marketing. Justin shared his successful mobile search marketing strategy to Culligan dealers big and small. From less competition to lower cost per sale, Justin provided actual metrics from BAM’s nationwide Culligan paid search campaigns that spoke to the efficiencies of mobile search.

No sooner did they leave the stage, they received their next assignment. Their task?  To develop a web based lead management tool that would seamlessly tie in all lead sources and streamline a Culligan dealer’s operations.

Ten long months have passed and BAM has emerged from the lab with a built-from-scratch, web based lead tracking system known as The BAM LeadTracker. Guided by several Culligan sales managers, BAM refused to take a pre-existing piece of lead software and force it to fit the specific needs of Culligan.

Justin and Neil will once again take the stage, February 22nd at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix, Arizona at the 2013 Culligan Dealers Association of North America Convention and Product Fair. They will be sharing their best practices for tracking and managing all leads, from web, phone, or even walk-in inquiries.

BAM’s presentation will culminate with the public unveiling and live demonstration of The BAM LeadTracker. With its easy-to-use interface, it has the capability to empower all appointment driven businesses, not just Culligan. BAM’s latest creation puts the knowledge at the business owner’s fingertips, allowing them the ability to easily and automatically measure ROI and the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.


If you are like many and can’t be there in person, feel free to contact us to see how the BAM LeadTracker can streamline your business’ operations.

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Track your leads from search to sale with BAM Lead Tracker!Do you have a system in place in your business that automatically logs and assigns leads whether they come to your business via your local or national website, a phone call, or even a walk-in customer? Or do you have a system in place that allows you to instantaneously determine ROI on leads run that day, week or month? Do you have a system at your fingertips that shows you where your leads came from last week, last month of for the last year? Better yet, is that system available to you at home, work, or even in the car?  If not, it’s time to introduce you and your business to the BAM LeadTracker. The BAM LeadTracker is all of that and plenty more. It’s ideal for service calls too! It can be customized for your industry whether it’s HVAC, Plumbing, Media, Home Improvement, and the list goes on and on.

“We started with an idea from one of our clients who desperately needed to streamline sales and service operations. We then pulled together a number of clients from that same industry to weigh their needs and wants as well. Then it was off to a white board and idea began to take on a life of its own,” stated Neil Catapano VP at BAM. “Six months later, it was built and out of beta testing and the client roster continues to grow.” Too often, corporations and small businesses rely on some pre-packaged software to try and adapt it for their needs. “With today’s technologies and the strategies employed by BAM, there’s no need to try and reverse-engineer products to specific needs, ” added Bill Berry, President. “We’re at the crossroads of media and entertainment being personalized for individuals. So why not apply those same principles to businesses large and small?”

BAM Lead Tracker Dashboard Led by Justin Fritz, BAM’s Director of Interactive & IT Services, BAM has focused on customizing technologies to businesses and integrating them with a scope of services not traditionally included in the process. Features can include CRM applications integrated in a simplistic and intuitive interface that leaves the programming and coding on the back end. Tying in analytics for maximum efficiency on search campaigns is on the horizon. More simplistic tasks like e-commerce are easily accommodated within the tool. “It’s more than a lead tracking and lead management system. It can literally empower businesses to run lead tracking, ROI, CRM and online payments AND analyze it’s own effectiveness at doing so,” offered Fritz. “Hey, just contact us and you can take it for a drive!”

The BAM LeadTracker is a product of BAM Advertising based in Upper St. Clair, PA. While BAM’s core business began as a full service advertising and marketing agency, its technologies have opened up gateways of new opportunities. “The success of what we do is based on the solid foundation of how we develop strategies based on needs. Who better to develop products than people who market them,” asked Berry.  BAM Advertising can be found at 2535 Washington Rd in Pittsburgh or on the web at

On the Web: BAM LeadTracker

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BAM recently launched an integrated campaign for its client IronSyte Monitoring to coincide with their showing at the 2012 MINExpo International. IronSyte is the premier provider of real-time monitoring systems for earthmoving equipment. IronSyte monitors allow a user to track their entire fleet from their computer or smartphone. The implementation of an IronSyte monitor can save thousands of dollars in production costs. By collecting real-time data foreman are able to best utilize their earthmoving equipment by eliminating inefficiencies as well as saving on costly maintenance.

IronSyte needed a memorable and creative presentation for their showing at the 2012 MINExpo International. MINExpo is the largest mining trade show in the world and an unprecedented opportunity for IronSyte to expand its business. To capitalize on the quadrennial event, IronSyte turned its sights to BAM. BAM partnered with IronSyte to develop a targeted and creative strategy to maximize the brand’s awareness and to recruit potential customers.

BAM’s first step was to address IronSyte’s website, and give it a complete overhaul. Increasing search engine visibility, incorporating the new look and feel, and helping new visitors understand how valuable an IronSyte monitor could be to their business were on the top of BAM’s to-do list.

Behind the scenes on-page and off-page search engine optimization tactics were employed to boost the website’s keyword rankings for earth moving monitoring equipment. With the addition of keyword rich content, came fun and informative functionality like a front-page slider and roll over diagrams.

In addition to the website, IronSyte needed an eye-catching display for their booth at MINExpo to create a buzz about their revolutionary product. BAM designed a 10 ft. by 10 ft. display and accompanying podium that would drive potential customers to the booth. To supplement the display a brochure was designed to highlight the advantages of an IronSyte Monitor, and to serve as a takeaway for expo attendees.

BAM’s creative and professional campaign resulted in a strong showing at the 2012 MINExpo for IronSyte Monitors. To learn more about IronSyte or to check out the new website visit